An electroacoustic opera

Micaela Tobin & Sharon Chohi Kim

Unseal Unseam is an experimental, multimedia opera that re-frames the fable of Bluebeard’s Castle from the perspective of his abused wife, Judith. This unique opera combines traditional operatic singing with extended vocal techniques accompanied by modular synth, electronic piano, and textures of harsh electronic noise made through amplified props onstage.

The entirely-female creative team consists of Shannon Knox (director), Micaela Tobin (composer/performer), and Sharon Chohi Kim (composer/performer). In our work together as a fledgling opera company, we aim to reclaim and reshape female narratives found in traditional opera through a combination of experimental electronic music and performance art. We believe that far too often within the culture of traditional opera, the female narrative, composed and directed predominately by men, exists only as a catalyst for the trajectory of the male character. With a viscerally raw aesthetic, we unapologetically confront this misogynistic reality, and in doing so, reclaim the objectified female body.

Unseal Unseam was recently showcased at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe to five-star reviews.

The Unseal Unseam team is currently looking for residency, workshop, and performance opportunities in both Los Angeles and abroad.