We are excited to announce that Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA (Artistic Directors Leo Garcia and Patrick Kennelly) will be co-presenting Unseal Unseam October 6th & 7th. Buy your tickets HERE

Unseal Unseam is an experimental, multimedia opera that re-frames the fable of Bluebeard’s Castle from the perspective of his abused wife, Judith. This unique opera combines traditional operatic singing with extended vocal techniques accompanied by modular synth, electronic piano, and textures of harsh electronic noise made through amplified props onstage.

The entirely-female creative team consists of Shannon Knox (director), Micaela Tobin (composer/performer), and Sharon Chohi Kim (composer/performer). In our work together as a fledgling opera company, we aim to reclaim and reshape female narratives found in traditional opera through a combination of experimental electronic music and performance art. We believe that far too often within the culture of traditional opera, the female narrative, composed and directed predominately by men, exists only as a catalyst for the trajectory of the male character. With a viscerally raw aesthetic, we unapologetically confront this misogynistic reality, and in doing so, reclaim the objectified female body.

Unseal Unseam was recently showcased at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe to five-star reviews.

Our Performance at Highways Performance Space was a huge success, in part because of the wonderful team at Highways Artistic Directors Leo Garcia and Patrick Kennelly

Thank you to New Classic LA for this wonderful review:

We couldn't have done it without our generous donors, whose gift helped provide artist compensation, costume and scenic purchases:
Thank you. AQW, Casey Thomas Anderson, Ron Athey, Timur Bekbosunov, Alexander Gedeon, David Gorgani, Veth J,Doug Kaplan, Clare Kelly, Natila Lapus, Todd Lerew, Ljd, Elsa Lund, , Paul Outlaw, Anna Petrisko, , MightyMur, John P Tobin, Liza Tungendsam, James Waterman

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We are a creative team of female identifying-artists that make new opera. We seek to use our artistic resources to tell stories--unwitnessed and undocumented-- through music theatre. Our performances attempt to reclaim and reshape the female narratives that dominate traditional opera. To that end, our current piece ‘Unseal Unseam’ is an electroacoustic opera that examines the too-often invisible world of domestic violence, and hopes to provide a place for healing and solidarity. We want to ground the work in the lived truths of our community, so we have created a series of abstracted, creative prompts through which people may share their relationship to the phenomena of domestic violence. We have compiled the prompts in this google form:


We want to emphasize that the form is completely anonymous, and no one should feel pressure to share events, stories, or experiences that they don't feel comfortable reflecting on. Participants should feel free to fill in as much or as little as they'd like. If you'd like to talk more or have any questions, please let me know. Thank you in advance for your reflections and your light.